The upfront couch is a way to make your stage more diverse and accessible

Confidence and conferences need a refresh. Too many speakers derive authority from fancy job titles, overrated books, and relationships formed with elite institutions. This antiquated and homogenous culture not only breeds boredom and myopic thinking but also reinforces structural inequalities. It’s time to uncover and elevate new voices!

We want to give conferences around the world the opportunity to tackle this crisis head on in the simplest of ways. By hosting the upfront couch, conferences become engaged in the demand for diversity onstage and responsible for changing our preconceived ideas about the sorts of people who have the authority to share their stories. By allowing speakers to share their power, conferences can openly support the pursuit of diversity onstage and be seen as leaders of a movement devoted to worldwide equality.

This isn’t just talk! upfront is what stages were invented for.


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