#UPFRONT at CO-OP Digital

Our workshops for businesses

Our tailored workshops and programs for businesses are meant to help build more confident, stage-ready organizations. We work with teams of all shapes and sizes across the private and pubic sector, focusing on tackling nerves, storytelling exercises, authentic networking and more.

Here are just some of the things you will learn:

  • What makes you remarkable
  • Learn the who, what, where and why of Imposter Syndrome
  • How to introduce yourself
  • How to strengthen your voice
  • How to give yourself status

At #UPFRONT, we believe that speech is power. It is more important than ever before to have the ability to influence, persuade and inspire. During out workshops, we will help your team to do this by equipping you with the right tools and strategies so you can leave feeling the most confidence you’ve ever felt when speaking in different settings in the workplace.

Hear first hand from our client CO-OP digital

Our team of experts helped the team at CO-OP Digital through body, breath and voice techniques and exercises, employing eye-contact and more. The team left feeling confident and inspired, ready to take on the workplace in a new light.

Read what Gail from CO-OP Digital had to say about her experience attending the workshop:

“What’s great about #UPFRONT is that you are telling people they’re okay in in the way they speak already, you’re not trying to get them to change  fundamentally the way they are doing it. It’s about giving them some tools to help them do it in the way that they do it. I think that’s boosted my confidence.” Gail, Lead Designer

Our principles

All our work is underpinned by these principles:

  • You can’t be what you can’t see
  • We believe that confidence can be learned and it IS within your reach
  • Confidence is not a gift from the gods
  • We know that you lack nothing
  • We’re all responsible for being a good audience
  • We all have power, even if we can’t feel it
  • Include yourself and others
  • One way we learn confidence is by understanding our bodies
  • You’re you — with your individual knowledge and your unique experiences and your unique brain
  • You’re the one the world wants to hear from

If you are a leader or organization looking to upscale your team’s public speaking and confidence, reach out to us at helloupfront@gmail.com to register for one of our workshops.

Here’s to being #UPFRONT!