An invitation to be #upfront at TedX Birmingham

Tomorrow I will share my stage at Ted X Birmingham. The theme of the event is “Power of us” so it makes a lot of sense for me to share my power and invite you onto my stage with the big goal of changing the norm of conference curation and attendance.

Stages are not as diverse as they could be and many of us lack confidence. That’s why I created #upfront and tomorrow I will share my stage with you.

This is where you come in.

When I ask people why they aren’t on stage they tell me they don’t know where to start. They tell me the thought of standing on a stage facing a sea of strangers is overwhelming. I’m solving this problem through #upfront.

How might those who are on stage support people who want to experience the stage without the scary bit? 

During my talk I will share my stage with you. You’ll sit comfortably on this fabulous couch, up front of a sea of friendly faces whilst I give my talk. You can enjoy the stage without the pressure of having to perform. Oh, and we’ll meet before hand too.

Last time I was #upfront I shared my stage with nine other people, from a 16 year old to a 40 year old who all have their own reasons for avoiding public speaking. Now they have been #upfront they have more confidence in themselves and their story.

If you want to be #upfront and claim a space on the #upfront couch lemme know and we’ll chat 🙂 My email is

Bye for now,

Lauren x